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September 24, 2020 2 min read

Golf is usually the kind of sport played by rich, old men, who do not happen to have anything better than do. The reason it is so popular amongst old people is because it’s one of those sports that do not require a lot of exertion of your part. Golf has to do with technique and angling rather than force and strength. People going after serenity and calmness in their sports are likely to go for golfing as their ideal sport. This article will be able to guide you in terms of what a beginner golfer will need.

Golf Clubs

One of the most important pieces of equipment, that is imperative to be in your kit are the golf clubs. If you are unaware, the golf club is the long stick with a head on the bottom. It is used to hit the ball nearer to the hole. The beginner golfer kit includes, a driver, a fairway wood, 7 through 9 irons and a putter. It also includes a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Give or take these are all the clubs that a beginner golfer will need. Any advanced club in the beginning can worsen your game.

Golf Balls

In the beginning, it is important that you do not focus on what kind of ball flies the highest, or in general, the dynamics of the ball. Rather, you should be focusing on buying cheap balls. Your focus should be on your hand technique and the club. Before, you learn how to hit the ball right, any ball can’t be of help to you. It is better to just invest in a lot of balls and buy the ones that come cheap. You are going to lose a lot of balls in the beginning.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are usually important because they provide the friction and the stability between you and the ground when you are trying to hit the ball. It is also necessary to buy shoes that are comfortable and not pain inflicting. This is because playing golf requires a lot of walking. The amount of walking that you will do, requires you to have shoes that do not add any more pain to the whole ordeal. Buying a good pair of sneakers with enough friction at the bottom can really change the way you play and your attitude towards the game.

Golf Gloves

Another important addition to your collection is the golf glove. The golf gloves are used to practice your grip on the club. It allows you to angle your hands in the right manner without your golf club flying off into the distance. It is quite difficult to try swinging a golf club without a glove. Invest in a decent golf glove and prevent yourself from amateur gameplay.


The important thing to note is that all of these items are the necessary ones. This isn’t exactly an exhaustive list and you will need more equipment the further you move on in the game.

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