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Professional Laser Golf Rangefinder

What we love about this rangefinder is the built in magnet that allows golfers to attach it to the golf cart for incredibly easy access. Rain? No problem. It's waterproof too!

Of course it has all the other feature you would expect from a great rangefinder for golfers.

  • Super accruate
  • Flag pole lock with vibration
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 6x magnification
  • Small and compact
  • Slope adjustment for hitting distance

Comes in black and white color to choose from. 

Ranging method: semiconductor laser ranging (safe for human eyes)
Appearance size: 98*68*38mm/3.86*2.68*1.50"
Product weight: 147g
Measuring range: 3.5-600m
Ranging error: ±0.5m
Distance resolution: 0.1 meters
Angle measurement range: 0-90 degrees
Angle measurement accuracy: 0.3 degrees
Angle display resolution: 0.1 degree
Range measurement display mode: Transmissive LCD display in the field of view
Telescope magnification: 6 times
Lens quality: multilayer coating
Focusing method: manual focus adjustment of eyepiece
Ranging mode: single ranging mode, continuous measurement, golf mode (vibration when the flagpole is locked)
Protection level: IP54
Applications: Such as golf courses, hunting, sporting events, marine operations, field trips and surveying. It is very useful and convenient to accurately measure distance and area

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